Order Submission & Sample Receipt Procedures

Sample Receipt Procedures

Sample Collection & Preparation

Site Specific Sample Plans will be created prior to collection. Should sites exceed a ½ acre a site assessment will be conducted prior to visit. Laboratory will conduct sampling as per internal sampling protocol and state guidelines. Laboratory will draft and provide a sampling manifest upon completion. While sampling primarily only new and clean consumables will be used. Should any reusable equipment be needed it will be thoroughly sterilized. All Samples will be prepared against internal protocols and documented accordingly. Routine environmental controls and practices will be implemented to reduce laboratory contamination. All Samples will be assigned a unique identifier that will used from the time of sample receipt to report dissemination.

Laboratory Equipment

The Laboratory is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Testing Standards. All equipment is bound to a dictated calibration and service plan. Services plans will reference certified standards or utilize third parties to calibrate. Analytical Instrumentation will be inspected routinely to ensure stated regulations and detection limits are met.

Sample Testing

Utilizing assigned unique identifiers, laboratory analysts will follow standard operation protocols to complete desired testing. All Analysts will complete competency reviews and routinely complete refresher training. Similarly to instrumentation supplies utilized within the laboratory are evaluated for fitness of use prior to conducting any tests.

Data Processing & Quality Assurance

All controlled records and documents are managed through a secured internal server. Our Quality Control Management System allow efficient and easy access while maintaining proper administrative controls. Customer Results are recorded in a customized Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS). Our LIMS will capture customer demographics, sample results, and product Laboratory Reports. Prior to dissemination all results are reviewed against listed protocol requirements.

Test Results & Customer Q&A

Test results will be disseminated as per customer request, however standard practices will be a PDF copy of the standard certificate of analysis to the provided email address. Clients will be assigned a project manager to address all inquiries should any arise.