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Screening for Bacteria, Yeast and Mold

We apply molecular based testing and culturing to detect and accurately quantitate target microbes.  Microarray is utilized to speciate microbes of interest supplemented by culturing to determine viability. Microbes are found everywhere in everyday life. Cannabis has been found to harbor pathogenic microbes that can be fatal to immunocompromised patients which is why microbiological testing is vital for the safety of medical cannabis patients. 


We test for the following: 

     •  Salmonella Species 
     •  E. coli 
     •  Aspergillus fumigatus 
     •  Aspergillus flavus 
     •  Aspergillus niger 
     •  Aspergillus terreus 
     •  Total Aerobic Bacteria (Upon request)
     •  Total Bile-Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria (Upon request)
     •  Total Coliform Bacteria (Upon request)

     •  Total Yeast and Mold (Upon request)


Test Duration: 2-3 Days 

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